Your needs are our first priority.

 The policy of our company is to provide services at the highest level.

Taiwan Steel Strapping co., LTD is a professional manufacturer on packing strap in Taiwan area, our company was established at 1991. Our goal is to provide the best and most comprehensive services to our clients through the product of the highest quality. We use every effort to meet the modern and diverse needs of our clients. Every product in the manufacturing process is subject to strict monitoring and control. 
Our main products:
    1.Steel strapping (blue-annealed steel strapping, galvanized steel strapping, paint-coated steel strapping)
    2.PET strapping
    3.steel seals
    4.Strapping tools
Over this years, thank you all walks of life long term of fatherly and back up. And many thanks to all who assisted and arranged this. Our continued profitable performance ensures our sustainable development. We will continue to put customer satisfaction at the center of our attention. Our customer’s success is the foundation for our own success. Therefore, the goal of all our efforts is to create shared value together with our customers.