PET/PP Strapping Tools

PET/PP Strapping Tools
Strapping qualities:Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP)

Plastic Strapping Tools are available in manual and automatic modes. The following is a quick guide between the two

        ●Manual Tensioners and crimpers are for low volume applications
        ●Automatic hand tools are used for high volume applications
        ●Battery powered and Pneumatics (compressed air) are a source of power for automatic tools
        ●Automatic and manual tools can be combination tools.
                ┤Combination Tools perform tensioning, seal and cutting.
                ┤Combination Tools can be used as separate tensioners, seals, and cutters
        ●Manual sealers for plastic strap always use a seal and a crimp joint.
        ●Automatic hand for plastic strap use a friction weld.

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